BAROKTHEGREAT is the artistic collaboration between Sonia Brunelli and Leila Gharib (aka Sequoyah Tiger). Since its formation in 2008, BAROKTHEGREAT works in the field of live arts. Their works rise in the intimate and ancient relationship between dance and music. Based in Verona.
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Concept, set design, costumes: Barokthegreat
Choreography: Sonia Brunelli
With: Alessio Mazzaro, Livia Rossi, Marzia Dalfini, Sonia Brunelli
Original live music: Leila Gharib, Francesco Brasini
Lighting design and mobile device: Dafne Boggeri
Theoretic collaboration: Piersandra Di Matteo
Costumes production: House Of Spectra
Scenic element production: Plastikart
Production: Xing/Live Arts Week
Co-production: steirisches herbst festival, FAR° Festival des Arts Vivants
Production residencies : Santarcangelo dei Teatri, Interzona
Thanks to: Giulia Barsuola, Evelin Facchini, Arianna Marcolini, Tran Tran, Alice Keller
Duration 50’

Victory Smoke revolves around the image of Victory. Traversed in the history of Western art by the iconographic, sculptural and pictorial sign of Triumph, it has assumed in our own day the tormenting form of the result attained through any means, of efficacy as existential practice, of subjugation to the constraint of performance assumed as model of relational behaviour. The driving force behind this new performative work is the tension toward a 'victory smoke', which means discerning the threshold that lies before and after the completion of an act, leaving the field of vision imbued with the smoke of victory. The dramatic action basic to this performance is the idea of hunting. Poachers or bounty hunters? Gold hunters, elephant hunters, pheasant hunters? All of these, and none. Here it is a question of circumnavigating the image of the capture without the catch. While its identity remains unknown, the focus is now on the hunting tactics, now on the exaltation felt at the capture, but excluding the vanquished. After having inhabited the immersive, nocturnal dimension of Indigenous, in Victory Smoke Barokthegreat opens out to compositional ideas based on the implementation of a different interaction among bodies, designing forms of transient community around a blind spot.

Ph. Thomas Raggam

09/04/14 Live Arts Week III, Bologna (IT) - premiere
11-12-13/07/14 Santarcangelo Festival, Rimini (IT)
20-21/08/14 FAR° Festival des Arts Vivants, Nyon (CH)
12/09/14 Short Theatre, Roma (IT)
10-11-12/10/14 Steirischer Herbst, Graz (AT)
21-22/10/14 Vie Scena Contemporanea, Modena (IT)
13-14/03/15 Imagetanz Festival, Brut, Wien (AT)