BAROKTHEGREAT is the artistic collaboration between Sonia Brunelli and Leila Gharib (aka Sequoyah Tiger). Since its formation in 2008, BAROKTHEGREAT works in the field of live arts. Their works rise in the intimate and ancient relationship between dance and music. Based in Verona.
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Concept: Barokthegreat
Choreography, with: Sonia Brunelli
Original live music: Leila Gharib
Observation to choreography: Marco Villari
Dressing: Biscuit And Ball
Sound engineer: Martina Zanetti
Production residence: Santarcangelo dei Teatri
Diffusion: DADAprod
Duration 20’

Fidippide is far away, softy leaning against the humid, velvet lined space of our collective imagination. He is the emule of the Attic warrior, a fitness of the bloody battle of Marathon and herald who bore the news of victory during the long run only then to exhale it with his last breath. When Barokthegreat and I thought of the title of the piece, at one point the term “gimlet” came up. A “gimlet”is a medieval craft tool used to drill holes in wood. This i show we worked: there are no evocative images piling up in this work, there is nothing visionary; instead there is a patient and exhausting movement timing on a specific point, wearing it out until makes a hole, the beginning of every vision.

Selected for Marathon of the Unexpected, 7° Dance Festival Venice Biennale

Ph. Lorenzo Simonini

12/06/10 FIDIPPIDE Marathon of the Unexpected, 7° Festival Internazionale di Danza della Biennale, Venezia (IT) - preview
20/03/11 FIDIPPIDE Uovo performing arts festival, Milano (IT) - premiere
05/05/11 FIDIPPIDE Istantanee, Kollatino Underground, Roma (IT)
23/05/11 FIDIPPIDE Interplay Festival, Torino (IT)
04/09/11 FIDIPPIDE Crisalide XVIII Why Italy?, Forlì (IT)
01/12/11 FIDIPPIDE SPAM! Rete per le arti contemporanee, Teatro Jenco, Viareggio (IT)
02/12/11 FIDIPPIDE SPAM! Rete per le arti contemporanee, Teatro Porcari, Porcari (IT)
09/12/11 FIDIPPIDE Signal Festival, Cagliari (IT)
20/01/12 FIDIPPIDE Is it my world #4 Spazio K, Prato (IT)
02/12/12 FIDIPPIDE Viso - in - aria, Artificierie Almagià, Ravenna (IT)
05/06/13 FIDIPPIDE Rencontres Chorégraphiques, Paris (FR)
06/06/13 FIDIPPIDE Rencontres Chorégraphiques, Paris (FR)