BAROKTHEGREAT is a performative, musical and choreographic project founded by Sonia Brunelli and Leila Gharib. Since its formation in 2008, the imaginary of the group arises in the intimate and ancient relationship between dance and music. Based in Verona.
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INDIGENOUS - Sound drama

Act I. The mistake in greeting
Act II. Against the reptile's bite

Concept, set design, costumes: Barokthegreat
Choreography: Sonia Brunelli
Original live music: Leila Gharib, Francesco Brasini
With: Dafne Boggeri, Giorgia Nardin (Alice Zanoni, Simona Rossi), Sonia Brunelli
Theoretic collaboration: Piersandra Di Matteo
Visual effect: Dafne Boggeri
Sound engineer: Mattia Dallara
Co-production: Schaubühne Lindenfels Leipzig, Santarcangelo Festival
Realized thanks to Accordo GECO 2-Regione Emilia-Romagna realized by Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione
With the support of: Xing
Duration 45’

Indigenous unleashes a universe of primitive fever with an onstage encounter between dancers and musicians. It’s a world of insistent and flashing rhythm that dissociates itself from the ritual imaginaries to which it nonetheless refers. The figures emerge through a powerful relationship of bodies with sound, whose density they render visible. Athletic gesturality of a mythical aura is evoked, building up and breaking down into liquid geometries. Indigenous involves the spectator’s eye and breath: enrapt by an obscure pulsation he recognises the signs of the real through itsdistortion. On a quest to discover how gesture and movement are rooted in the brain, Barokthegreat’s performances speak to the reptilian brain — that area of the anatomy responsible for primitive behaviors, basic needs and survival instincts. It’s a part of the brain that delivers immediate response, like a reflex: same situation, same stimulus. Such is the area that Indigenous hope to colonize, their imperturbable pulsation and peculiar atmosphere acting like a stroboscope on the eye. Inspired by music as a ritual, the performers launch themselves into a dance with such obsession that it soon transforms into a feverish trance.

Ph. Ilaria Scarpa
31/05/2012 INDIGENOUS Vie Scena Contemporanea — Modena (IT) — cancelled
01/06/2012 INDIGENOUS Vie Scena Contemporanea — Modena (IT) — cancelled
20/07/2012 INDIGENOUS Santarcangelo Festival — Rimini (IT) — premiere
21/07/2012 INDIGENOUS Santarcangelo Festival — Rimini (IT)
17/10/2012 INDIGENOUS DOM La cupola del pilastro — Bologna (IT)
18/10/2012 INDIGENOUS DOM La cupola del pilastro — Bologna (IT)
11/04/2013 INDIGENOUS Schaubühne Lindenfels — Leipzig (DE)
12/04/2013 INDIGENOUS Schaubühne Lindenfels — Leipzig (DE)
28/04/2013 INDIGENOUS Teatri di Vetro — Roma (IT)
01/07/2013 INDIGENOUS Inequilibrio Festival — Castiglioncello (IT)
13/08/2013 INDIGENOUS FAR° Festival des arts vivants — Nyon (CH)
14/08/2013 INDIGENOUS FAR° Festival des arts vivants — Nyon (CH)
03/10/2013 INDIGENOUS Performa Festival — Bellinzona (CH)
07/03/2014 INDIGENOUS Imagetanz, Brut — Wien (AT)
08/03/2014 INDIGENOUS Imagetanz, Brut — Wien (AT)
21/05/2014 INDIGENOUS USHUAIA Geografie immaginarie della nuova danza — Modena (IT)
24/04/2015 INDIGENOUS Teatro Diego Fabbri — Forlì (IT)
08/10/2015 INDIGENOUS NID | New Italian Dance Platform — Brescia (IT)
13/11/2015 INDIGENOUS Zoom Festival — Scandicci (IT)