Concept, set design, costumes: Barokthegreat
Choreography, with: Sonia Brunelli
Original music, live light effect: Leila Gharib
Production: Barokthegreat
Co-produzione: Grand Theatre Groningen
In collaboration with: centrale FIES, Teatro Stabile di Verona
Duration 30’

Barok goes through the expressive origin of abstractionism. It builds a perceptive environment in which sound, light and the silhouette of a human figure create a rhythmic and chromatic flow of shapes inspired by astral images and electric impulses. In the search for a continuous evolution, the choreographic and musical composition is studied by overwriting: gesture and sound always preserve the memory of a first impulse continuously overlaped on new material. An incessant accumulation that determines the progressive lacerations of the contour, the tone and the dynamics. In the compositional logic of the elements, the body becomes a graphic sign, author of a condensed and nervous writing that penetrates the baroque musical plot. It frees itself in an essential landscape, drawn by a beam of light sculpted in real time by another body in action off the scene: they are gestural arm passages and colored filters that create oscillations of lights and shadows, remnants of an abstract cinema. Captured by the hypnotic flow of pure formal inventions, the viewer is invited to immerse himself in the continuous and circular, placing himself in a state of discovery. Like Galileo Galilei during his first observations of the sky and the motion of the earth.

→ Footage archivio.centralefies.it

Ph. Paolo Rapalino, Valerio Tosi Beleffi & still da video
19/12/2008 BAROK Grand Theatre — Groningen (NL) — premiere
20/12/2008 BAROK Grand Theatre — Groningen (NL)
21/03/2009 BAROK Bozar — Bruxelles (BE)
18/04/2009 BAROK Teatro Palladium — Roma (IT) — prima italiana
21/05/2009 BAROK MONDO, Teatro Felix Guattari — Forlì (IT)
28/05/2009 BAROK Teatro Valle — Roma (IT)
02/07/2009 BAROK InteatroFEST — Polverigi (IT)
31/07/2009 BAROK drodesera > centrale FIES — Dro (IT)
30/08/2009 BAROK Kunstfest Weimar — Weimar (DE)
14/10/2009 BAROK Theatre Frascati — Amsterdam (NL)
15/10/2009 BAROK Theatre Frascati — Amsterdam (NL)
03/12/2009 BAROK Short Formats Festival, Teatro dell'arte — Milano (IT)
20/12/2009 BAROK Insoliti Festival — Torino (IT)
05/03/2010 BAROK Are We Human, Interzona — Verona (IT)
01/09/2010 BAROK B.motion Teatro/Opera Estate Festival — Bassano del Grappa (IT)
15/10/2010 BAROK Vie Scena Contemporanea Festival — Modena (IT)
16/10/2010 BAROK Vie Scena Contemporanea Festival — Modena (IT)