BAROKTHEGREAT is the artistic collaboration between Sonia Brunelli and Leila Gharib (aka Sequoyah Tiger). Since its formation in 2008, BAROKTHEGREAT works in the field of live arts. Their works rise in the intimate and ancient relationship between dance and music. Based in Verona.
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Concept: Barokthegreat
With: Sonia Brunelli
Soundtrack: Leila Gharib, Francesco Brasini
Choreography, costume: Sonia Brunelli
Filming and editing: Leila Gharib
Device collaboration: Dafne Boggeri
Theoretic collaboration: Piersandra Di Matteo
Production: Barokthegreat
Duration 20'

Barokthegreat’s performance is based on an audio-visual device that explore the relationship between a cinematic body and a real body placed one in front each other. This kind of relationship gives rise to an alienating journey of different thicknesses with physical and mental actions emphasized by the original soundtrack. Inspired by science fiction stories and simulation games, which bridge the gap between reality and the imagined future. The golden frame of the Clone's attack is a stargate, a threshold of dual becoming. Commissioned by Uovo Performing Arts Festival 2013 for a site-specific project on the two twin staircases that connect the spaces of the Milan Triennale to the space of theatre. Today 2023 The attack of the Clone reopens its dimensional passage, rejoining worlds and boundaries of action between the true and the false.

Ph. Lester Aerola

22/03/2013 THE ATTACK OF THE CLONE Uovo Performing Arts, Triennale dell’Arte — Milano (IT) — premiere
12/05/2023 THE ATTACK OF THE CLONE Look At Me Vol.II, Plastic Club — Milano (IT)
31/08/2023 THE ATTACK OF THE CLONE ULTRACORPI, Limonaia di Villa Strozzi — Firenze (IT)
16/09/2023 THE ATTACK OF THE CLONE Festival Hybrida, Castel San Pietro — Verona (IT)
22-23/09/2023 THE ATTACK OF THE CLONE Schaubühne Lindenfels — Leipzing (DE)
30/09/2023 THE ATTACK OF THE CLONE Festival Catalysi — Cesena (IT)