BAROKTHEGREAT is the artistic collaboration between Sonia Brunelli and Leila Gharib (aka Sequoyah Tiger). Since its formation in 2008, BAROKTHEGREAT works in the field of live arts. Their works rise in the intimate and ancient relationship between dance and music. Based in Verona.
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Drum: Leila Gharib
Body: Sonia Brunelli
Duration 15’

Kobra is an anagram for Barok. It plays with the image of the snake and its symbolic power, here evoked in the vision by a mimic metamorphosis. The performance physically gathers people in front of an effective union of three elements: a musician, a dancer and the snake. The musical and choreographic language proceed in a homorhythmic way absorbed in a psychedelic and primitive force. The drumbeat draws the volume of the body as the center of gravity of ventral and spiral contractions. Eyes wide open, lips movements: the soul is exalted and athletics becomes legendary. Presented at festivals' opening and music clubs. Kobra is a "cameo" taken from Indigenous.

→ Live @ S/V/N/ Club #7 Buka Filmed by URSSS mistake television

Ph. Still images from video URSSS

04/06/12 KOBRA Full Moon Saloon #6 Setoso a cura di Dafne Boggeri, Spazio O’, Milano (IT)
20/04/13 KOBRA Riot!Rest., Corte Radisi, Verona (IT)
20/06/13 KOBRA Electro Camp, C32 performingartworkspace, Forte Marghera, Venezia (IT)
05/10/13 KOBRA Dog Rose a cura di Anna Biagetti, Tesco, Faenza (IT)
12/10/13 KOBRA EXIL #4 THE RING Benefit Strasse, Macao, Milano (IT)
06/03/14 KOBRA Imagetanz Festival, Brutto, Wien (AT) - opening party
18/04/14 KOBRA Freddanotte, Teatro Comandini, Cesena (IT)
28/03/15 KOBRA S/V/N/ CLUB #7, BUKA, Ex Cinema Aramis/Striptease, Milano (IT)
05/09/15 KOBRA Path Festival, Verona (IT)
05/11/15 KOBRAThe Others Art Fair, Ex Carcere Le Nuove, Torino (IT) - opening party