Concept: Barokthegreat
Choreography, with: Sonia Brunelli
Original music: Leila Gharib
Artistic cooperation: Simon Vincenzi
Lighting technician: Salvatore Pulpito
Production: Barokthegreat
Co-production: Schauspiel Leipzig, Xing/Live Arts Week
With the support of: CiCi Centro interdisciplinare di Cultura italiana-Universität Leipzig
Duration 55’

The title GHOST explicit what Barokthegreat, in collaboration with the London-based director-designer Simon Vincenzi, desires to search for: the ghost. At the poles, a dancer and an off-stage musician are pay attention to conduct a gradual progression of rhythmic pulses in sync with the light, alternating with sudden still image where the body hangs in a statuesque pose, a single frame of its movement. With GHOST, in a process of slow abstraction, Barokthegreat manages to bring out the most fantastical aspect of legs and feet of a dancing body, limbs that seem to come to life by themselves coming out of the body, under the command of a beat itself in acceleration composed and generated live with a drum machine Roland TR-8S. At a high speed, the body loosens from the rhythmic structures, loses the coincidence with the sound and adheres to the sense of what it can still perceive. In the instability of the references the image vibrates and disappears. Inspired by the origins of the footwork, an art form and expression of resistance of Chicago’s 1990s urban subcultures. The interchangeable subtitles that accompany the show are in total six: Thereʼs a wrinkle inside my eye, What if I disappear?, We are the idiots, Lucifer wants to sell, Follow my feet, weapons!, Rid your mind before leaving.

Ph. Lorenza Daverio
13/11/2018 GHOST There’s a wrinkle inside my eye Schauspiel Leipzig — Leipzig (DE) — premiere
14/11/2018 GHOST What if I disappear? Schauspiel Leipzig — Leipzig (DE)
16/11/2018 GHOST We are the idiots Schauspiel Leipzig — Leipzig (DE)
17/11/2018 GHOST Lucifer wants to sell Schauspiel Leipzig — Leipzig (DE)
19/11/2018 GHOST Follow my feet, weapons! Schauspiel Leipzig — Leipzig (DE)
20/11/2018 GHOST Rid your mind before leaving Schauspiel Leipzig — Leipzig (DE)
11/04/2019 GHOST Follow my feet, weapons! Live Arts Week VIII — Bologna (IT) — italian premiere
12/04/2019 GHOST We are the idiots Live Arts Week VIII — Bologna (IT)
13/09/2019 GHOST Lucifer wants to sell Short Theatre — Roma (IT)
19/02/2020 GHOST Rid your mind before leaving Teatro Comandini, Rassegna Parallela — Cesena (IT)
07/10/2020 GHOST Follow my feet, weapons! Teatro Grande — Brescia (IT)
16/06/2021 GHOST We are the idiots FOG Triennale Milano Performing Arts — Milano (IT)
26/11/2022 GHOST Lucifer wants to sell youTHeater Identità Plurale, Teatro del Parco — Mestre (IT)