BAROKTHEGREAT is the artistic collaboration between Sonia Brunelli and Leila Gharib (aka Sequoyah Tiger). Since its formation in 2008, BAROKTHEGREAT works in the field of live arts. Their works rise in the intimate and ancient relationship between dance and music. Based in Verona.
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Sequoyah Tiger is the brainchild of Italian singer-songwriter, composer and music producer Leila Gharib. After the first EP Ta-Ta-Ta-Time, released on the Berlin-based label Morr Music, Sequoyah Tiger’s debut album Parabolabandit (Morr Music, 2017) expands Leila’s distinct musical language, dragging us deep into her dark, twisted and sparkling fantasy. While exploring the limits and hubs of pop traditions, weird sound studies and vocal experiments, she comes up with bewilderingly beautiful songs in which vintage rock’n’roll and present-day avant pop happily clash with electronic and acoustic elements, jagged beats and subtle rhythms, otherworldly shouts and confessional words. The live-set is a collaboration with the dancer choreographer Sonia Brunelli, an artistic dialogue which started in 2008 with the foundation of the performing arts group Barokthegreat. The two artists create together a sound dramaturgy of the live performance, in which the body provides a certain ‘thickness', playing with the three-dimensionality of the actions in a specific visual dynamic.

→ Discography

03/04/16 Musical Box Radio2, Roma (IT)
28/05/16 Mi Ami Festival, Milano (IT)
29/05/16 Summer Student Festival, Padova(IT)
02/06/16 Indierocket Festival Preview, Pescara (IT)
11/06/16 Handmade Festival, Guastalla (IT)
24/06/16 Wunderbar, Verona (IT)
18/06/16 Spazio Aereo, Sideralis Festival, Mestre (IT)
25/06/16 Festa del Ringraziamento, Finale Emilia (IT)
12/07/16 Santeria Social Club, Milano (IT)
30/07/16 Ostello Bello, Guastalla (IT)
31/07/16 Kroen c/o L’isola che non c’era, Verona (IT)
06/08/16 Summer is Mine Festival, Carbonia (IT)
25/11/16 Spazio Raum, Bologna (IT)
30/11/16 Diagonal Loft Club, Forlì (IT)
02/12/16 Mr Rolly’s - Vitulazzo, Caserta (IT)
03/12/16 Kode 1, Putignano, Bari (IT)
09/12/16 Rainy Days Fest, Avellino w/Saroos (IT)
10/12/16 TNT, Jesi w/Saroos (IT)
17/12/16 El Barrio, Torino (IT)
21/12/16 Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato (IT)
14/01/17 TPO, Bologna (IT)
20/01/17 Kroen, Verona (IT)
10/02/17 Linoleum, Milano (IT)
11/02/17 Upload on Tour, Molin De Portegnac, Faver (IT)
17/02/17 Emporio Malkovich, Verona (IT) - opening Cosmo
24/02/17 DUDE Club, Soliera (IT)
25/02/17 Clandestino, Faenza (IT)
17/04/17 Eremo, Molfetta, Bari (IT)
01/05/17 Primo Maggio di Leno, Brescia (IT)
06/05/17 CHEAP street Poster art Festival, Bologna (IT)
16/06/17 Street Food Festival, porto Antico, Ancona (IT)
17/06/17 Moninga Open Air Festival, Formigine, Modena (IT)
22/06/17 Crack! Fest, Forte Prenestino, Roma (IT)
24/06/17 IndieRocket Festival, Pescara (IT)
07/07/17 Ora d’aria Festival, Loreo, Rovigo (IT)
14/07/17 A night like this Festival, Chiaverano, Torino (IT)
10/11/17 Circolo Nadir, Padova (IT)
17/11/17 We don't Play Indie Festival, Frosinone (IT)
24/11/17 Astro Club, Pordenone (IT)
25/11/17 Clandestino, Faenza (IT)
07/12/17 Teatro Altrove, Genova (IT)
15/12/17 Colorificio Kroen, Verona (IT)
16/12/17 Glue, Firenze (IT)
22/12/17 Lio Bar, Brescia (IT)
23/12/17 Passatelli in Bronson Festival, Ravenna (IT)
06/01/18 Tunnel Arci, Reggio Emilia (IT)
19/01/18 Radio Città del Capo, Bologna (IT)
19/01/18 Covo, Bologna (IT)
20/01/18 TNT, Jesi (IT)
27/01/18 MONK, Roma (IT)
01/02/18 MENT Festival, Ljubljana (SI)
24/02/18 Set Up!, Punta della Dogana, Venezia (IT)
03/03/18 CSA Arcadia, Schio (IT)
16/03/18 Circolo Ohibò, Milano (IT)
08/06/18 Radar Festival, Milano (IT) - annullato
09/06/18 Torstrassen, Berlin (DE)
23/06/18 Boogie Down Fest, Parco della Musica, Padova (IT)
28/06/18 Eremo Club, Molfetta (IT)
13/07/18 Santarcangelo Festival, Rimini (IT)
04/08/18 Clear Mountains, Brescia (IT)
15/12/18 Dancem, Marseille (FR)
06/06/19 Istituto Svizzero, Roma (IT)
15/06/19 Moninga Open Air Festival, Formigine, Modena (IT)
22/06/19 Lumen Festival, Vicenza (IT)
09/11/19 Rivolta , Marghera (IT) - opening Myss Keta