BAROKTHEGREAT is a performative, musical and choreographic project founded by Sonia Brunelli and Leila Gharib. Since its formation in 2008, the imaginary of the group arises in the intimate and ancient relationship between dance and music. Based in Verona.
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Concept: Barokthegreat
Live music: Leila Gharib, Michiel Klein
Live visual effects, set design: Sonia Brunelli
Production: Xing/Netmage 11
Duration 10’

Russian Mountains is an audiovisual performance that puts the musicians behind the wheel of an invention vehicle that tends to focus attention toward a common centrality, a unique source of light and sound. Born from the collaboration between the duo Barokthegreat and the Dutch musician Michiel Klein, the project reinterprets new media in a physical way, exalting the details of the gestures of craftsmanship and the mechanics of human movement, symmetry and perspective. Symbolism and geometry are remixed in an aesthetic of reverb.

Ph. Silvia Boschiero, Luca Ghedini
Special project
22/01/2011 RUSSIAN MOUNTAINS NETMAGE.11 Live-Media Festival — Bologna (IT) — unicum