Camping #3

By: Barokthegreat
With: Vokodo, Prince Rama/Julian Bozeman, Barokthegreat, Plumes dans la tête, Zeus!

The Kind of Magic evening brings together from the same roof energies from the biological need fed by empiricism, mixtures of ritual, repetition, exercise, exorcism, drums, drive, physicality, exhaustion, virtuosity, shot and speed. Artists of the echo and magicians of the firecracker invite to believe in their logic capable of freeing demons from the body, taking away the extra, giving birth to sensory fantasies. The rhythm is stronger than your will, it follows you, it manipulates you, it betrays you: the trigger of something between the physical and spiritual realm, A B R A C A D A B R A.

Camping is an opportunity for a lively and relaxed construction, in the form of an invitation by Xing (Bologna) to authoring groups to camp for a time in Raum's spaces and set up a camp/embassy of imaginary worlds there. Each group expresses its own way of working, extending the invitation to other artists to become intertwined, with the naturalness and obviousness of a shared activity. The cycle consists of the residency of four groups from October 2011 to January 2012: Hundebiss, Orthographe e Presto!?, Barokthegreat, and Codalunga. These entities are located in various sites around Italy: Milan, Ravenna, Verona, Vittorio Veneto, as bases for developing clear messages over time. Camping, therefore, is a trip out of town, but also a strengthening of voices already heard in some environments. Raum extends its project, re-launching its cosmopolitan and happily vernacular profile.

Ph. Luca Ghedini, Gaetano Camorrata
Progetto speciale
15/12/2011 KIND OF MAGIC Spazio Raum — Bologna (IT) — unicum